I have had an interest in boats from the time I was 6 when I first went to the Toronto boat show. I suggested that we could sell the house and get a big boat to live on instead. My parents didn't quite agree. Unperturbed, I still maintained my interest in boats and developed many marine related skills as the years rolled by.

In 2011, we moved to the region and now having a lot more space, a wood shop appeared. Then the first of my boats started arriving. Some were minor repairs, some were derelict cases. All were repaired/restored to great condition. Along the way, an upholstery shop appeared as well as a mechanic shop. After about a dozen boats and numerous trailers, folks started approaching me and asked for similar type work to be done for them. The pieces had now come together;  working space, a vast array of equipment and the skills needed....Barnacle Boat Works was formed.